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This is a game of playing bad people, dangerously close to achieving unholy power, who are torn between their dark aims and the possibility of redemption.  

It's common in RPGs to play “Comedic Evil” – think of the Pathfinder module “We Be Goblins” or the bumbling Warlock who has to make peace with the Paladin Lawful-Goody-Two-Shoes in D&D.  It’s also not uncommon to play people who do evil acts, at least in part, because a curse compels them to – Vampire: The Masquerade stands out here.

This is a game about people who are evil because they choose to be.  They are fringe scientists, seeking out dark truths, and willing to do evil things to find them.  Over the course of the game the back stories of the mad scientists will be revealed in Tarot Cards (or using the Muckraker Storytelling Deck).  Players will explore why their obsessed power seeker does what they do - and if there is hope for their redemption.   

Game play is mystery-based and revolves around pushing one's luck to find clues at the risk of being hunted down by beings of unfathomable power.  

A card-based chase system allows for thrilling scenes of danger and flight.  

This is a cross between Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the works of H.P. Lovecraft, a game of danger and truth, sin and redemption, of difficult pasts and ruthless aims.

This game is in early development but builds on ideas I have explored in my other itch.io games and intends to synergize them together.  


Driven to Delirium - Playtest.pdf 2 MB

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