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This year my players and I have been experimenting with Tarot Cards.  We've added them to existing d20 systems.  We played Microscope (a worldbuilding game) with Tarot cards added.  And from what we've learned I've been writing, playtesting and rewriting a game called Martian Muckraker about the Last Honest Newspaper in the Milky Way.  As 2020 came to a close, I decided to release a generic SRD in hopes that more people who prefer genres other than Sci-Fi will play it and help the system grow.  

The Muckraker System is a Tarot-based communal storytelling game about characters who have an inhuman side, or are more than human in some way, who need to use their powers to uncover a conspiracy.  Their power though, can cut them off from other people.

Each round a tarot card is used to generate the "lead" after which there is a period of roleplay until two players agree that the scene has reached its central conflict. Over the course of scenes an evidence pyramid is built mapping out an increasingly large conspiracy. Character creation is based on memories picked by drawing three tarot cards.  A very simple dice system allows for four ability ranges to be produced in seconds.  In the tables center are three tarot cards that are prophecies of events that will happen in the game's story.  

Feed back Welcome: https://forms.gle/98z5MbvtfD2YJ6zh6

More playtests are planned, and based on those the SRD may be tweaked or expanded.  

The System has a CC license so you can use it as a framework for your own projects, provided you provide attribution.  Releasing any major rules you come up with under the license, while not required,  will help the system grow.  


Muckraker System SRD 1 MB
Muckraker System SRD.txt 18 kB
Muckraker System SRD.md 18 kB

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