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Tantalizing Tales with Tarot or TripleT is a rules-light, engaging story telling system under development. With a little imagination and a tarot deck of your choice you will be ready to forge a unique tale using this micro-RPG.

Each character has powerful memories represented by hidden tarot cards which they can draw on to impact the plot. Allows for story crafting in any genre and requires no prep time on the part of the Chief Querent (game master).

To play you need 1-3 players, a Chief Querent, a deck of tarot cards, paper and a twelve sided die.  Based on the setting, the players and the CQ will decide what conflicted nature the characters have.  Possibilities:

  1. Human with Magic in their heritage
  2. Cursed Human
  3. Half Cyborg
  4. Mutant

Then each player will draw a tarot spread to design three memories for their character.  The CQ has a three card hand of plot twists and some face down clue cards for the characters to discover.  

If you are interested in a genre- specific build of this game, check out Version 4.0 of Martian Muckraker!

Your character's destiny is in the cards . . . 


Tantalizing Tales with Tarot 2.0 745 kB
Tantalizing Tales with Tarot.md 5 kB
Tantalizing Tales with Tarot.txt 5 kB
Martian Muckraker OPRG.pdf 451 kB

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Very interested in seeing how this system develops! I love the tarot mechanism for storytelling and haven't found many that use it. Am v intrigued by your proposed set of rules: well done!