A downloadable tabletop RPG

A Horror RPG that focuses on the strain of survival on the characters.  

You dash across the stream hoping That Which Hunts You isn't close by.  You have only the full moon to guide you but then you trip and you taste your own blood as you crash into the ground. Then you hear the howl!  That Which Hunts You is nearby . . . and it's closing in. 

In That Which Hunts Them characters seek evidence which is the key to defeating the beast that pursues them, but their flight is costing them energy and every heroic action risks their cover being blown. 

Will they see salvation or the beast's claws?

Currently a 1- page RPG is available, I hope to expand into a longer system. 


That Which Hunts Them_v2.pdf 402 kB
zzThat Which Hunts Them_OriginalVersion.pdf 335 kB
Pulse and Pressure - Playtest.pdf 360 kB

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