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Most adults have forgotten Wonderland.  You have not, dear Wonderer.  Perhaps there is a “imaginary” friend you still love there.  Perhaps you need to escape your situation in that dreary place called reality.  Perhaps you want to, almost literally, go inside your mind.  Or maybe you want to make sure that Earth doesn’t contaminate Wonderland – and vice versa.

  • Stats are currencies that are spent when rolled against.  Requires players to be strategic in their actions
  • Simple magic system that allows for any spell the player imagines.
  • (In)stability (madness is a point of view) is gained from spellcasting and interacting with certain Wonderland creatures
  • Tarot dream-system allows for a unique character-creation experience. 

During a game of this with my friends, they proved that Humpty Dumpty was not in fact pushed off the wall. Since one of the players' dreams was about birds, they used a parrot to record incriminating information and be the lead witness.  Humpty Dumpty had faked his demise to frame the White Rabbit. The party had the Queen of Hearts order Humpty to hatch as a punishment. They now have a pet chick. For GMs, I highly recommend reading the Lewis Caroll book to get a sense of Wonderland-humor.

OPRPG below!  Are you ready to jump the rabbit-hole?

To come: Scenarios, applications of the system to other genres (including a Mad Scientist RPG), expanded ruleset and more!

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Install instructions

  • GM's - I highly recommend giving the original Alice in Wonderland book a read to get a sense of Wonderland humor.  
  • Ensure players have choices and allow for crazy Scooby-Doo style plans.
  • Word-puns, dad-jokes and comically hyper literal interpretation of things players say by Wonderland creatures will make for a very enjoyable game.  


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Really cool setting for an RPG and interesting ideas! The only thing that could be clarified further is what exactly happens when you spend all your points in a given stat


Thank you! Glad you liked it! Yes, good idea will def be expanding on those.

This draft I tried to keep to one page - will be making a Zine version that will allow me a bit more room.