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By: The Martian Muckraker, Chris Greenbriar, Jamzilla, a wondering person and Radiatedskull for The Last RPG Jam

“My dear child.  You don’t know what you are . . .” the sorcerer said with a chuckle as he stared at the image forming in his cauldron.  “That is why the fey tremble.  They didn’t expect you so soon . . . why it’s only been two hundred years since our last dance.  I thought about letting the ripples of our last battle develop a bit more but then I was thinking, why wait? You killed me last time dear Hero.  But this century you seem a bit more nervous, even if you don’t remember who you are.  Yet.  Perhaps your subconscious remembers how close to failure you got last time.  Well this century I’ll kill you.  The Spirits' wards will protect you until adulthood of course, but when it comes for our quarter millenia dance everything will be ready.”  The Wizard broke the image in the cauldron and watched the ripples dancing in the water.  “Then we will see what the ripples are this time. . . and do it all over again in a quarter millenia.  Just for fun you see. . The Dance goes on and on. . ..”

In this RPG the players take turns controling a Hero that reincarnates throughout the ages and his Adversary.  Each player also controls a powerful Spirit who wants to influence the battle to change the timeline for their ends.   At the end of each  battle between hero and century it is determined which Spirit's value will impact the timeline most and whether the timeline is changed for good or ill.  Then several hundred years later Hero and Adversary reincarnate again.  

Rules-light, allows for boundless creativity and allows a single game session to span thousands of years yet still tell a single story.   


Adversary of the Ages v1.3.pdf 2 MB

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