A downloadable tarot-based RPG

You, the player, are a half-breed, a human who still has some ancestry from the aliens who used to openly live among us. Now Earth has turned its back on the stars. Most deny that aliens exist because that is what T.H.E.Y. (the secret organization behind the corrupt conspiracies that run the world) want you to think. There are still those who hunt your kind so you must use your powers in secret and use makeup or masks to hide any strange anatomy you may have.  The investigators of the Martian Muckraker try to convince people that aliens are real . . . and that they can be our friends, while exposing Earthling conspiracy after conspiracy.   

Most say their work is just gonzo journalism. Nonetheless, these determined half-breeds seek to uncover the truth, hoping one day the truth about themselves can be shared openly.

These are the Chronicles of the 👽 Martian Muckraker 👽 The Last Honest Newspaper in the Milky-way!

Why Play Martian Muckraker

  • High narrative and rules light
  • Use of Tarot cards for plot twists and character creation
  • Bloodless - in the Muckraker system combat is not an option, you are here for truth, not bloodshed
  • Emphasis on Character driven storytelling


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