Version 10 Released

Hello Martians!

This project was my first experience with RPG design. It was so fun trying new ideas, building the Muckrakerverse and playing with great people. I am happy to announce that I believe the rules are at a “Final Form”, at least for now. Upcoming edits are likely to be for clarity - though a sequel RPG or a different spin on the rules may be coming in the future (I Ching perhaps?)


  • Player moves rewritten so that there are only five moves for players in Free Roleplay. (Some moves were placed in the Advanced Rules Section)
  • Diceless and/or solo option available.
  • Memories are played for autosuccesses, not re-rolls.

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zzMartian Muckraker RPG - Playtest Format 4 MB
Mar 02, 2021

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