Pluto's Plan, Wonderland and Currencies

Merry Christmas Martians!

I’ve bee playing many rogue-likes and many Idle games recently. These have gotten me curious about Currencies as a gameplay mechanic. Yesterday my friends and I playtested a currency-based RPG I wrote called Wonderer (inspired by Alice in Wonderland) and it was a blast. The tracking of resources made the game exciting as the characters were getting tired (and going mad) as the game wore on.

Now I am considering how the Muckrakerverse could benefit from Currency-driven RPGs. An early draft of rules called **Pluto’s Plan for Peculiar Planetary Pests, Problems and Predicaments ** heavily inspired by Wonderer is now available. A key difference between Wonderer and P^8 is that Wonderer uses a stat called (in)stability (madness is a point of view) for spell casting, whereas P^8 has 4 resource currencies, Alchemy, Crypto, Hunt and Gearwork, which players use in conjunction with their tarot card (or Muckraker Story deck) memories to make inventions called Rigs. These resources are also used for barter with planetary dignitaries.

Check Wonderer out - it’s a blast when played with people who embrace Wonderland’s wonkiness. Once I can test P^8 I will be providing updates. Let me know what you think of both games!


Story Deck and More 108 MB
Jul 12, 2021
Index Card Version - Martian Muckraker 104 kB
Oct 31, 2021
Plutos Plan - Early Development.pdf 491 kB
Dec 24, 2021

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