Play Test Success

The playtest with the East Bay Martian Society, using the most recent ruleset, was a great success. Easily the best playtest so far. I am lucky that I will be able to playtest with the Cincinnati Adventurer’s Guild soon.

Errata that will be fixed in the PDF soon: Memory tap will be a instant success (as opposed to reroll). A simplified option for Central Conflicts will be offered as well.

Also note, that if you prefer, you can ditch the dice entirely and just use the tarot mechanics for shared storytelling. Consider the book to be a set of resources to draw on - take what works for you.

Once I get a chance to update the PDF I will include a chapter on playing diceless. Also for those who consider range-based dice systems confusing, I am considering offering an alternative using the Innsmouth System


Martian Muckraker - RPG.pdf 4 MB
Dec 10, 2020

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