Custom Muckraker Deck!

Hello Everyone!

This is an exciting day as the first version of the Martian Muckraker Storytelling Deck is now available. Martian Muckraker can still be played with your favorite set of Tarot cards, but I feel that this deck can really add an exciting feel to the game!

Martian Muckraker has always been about a clash between the new and the old - Aliens running newspapers, a futuristic galaxy and a shut in Earth, Science Fiction and Tarot cards. Indeed not many people would look at Tarot cards and see a potential Sci-Fi game - but that is part of Muckrakers charm.

Nonetheless I felt having a deck that uses modern imagery may help bring out the game’s Sci Fi tone. This deck features images of planets, surreal nightmares, modern inventions and the like and the Key provided gives sample interpretations.

A new Muckraker Rulebook will be coming out soon as well! This one will be made in InDesign so I am hoping to make a really immersive text for the reader we some new art made by hand and some new art made through Photoshop Photo Editing.

The Rule book will feature:

  • Full Streamlined Martian Muckraker rules
  • More Sci-Fi inspiration Tarot spreads for creative writing inspiration or RPG use!
  • One-page RPGs that can be played with the Muckraker Storytelling Deck
  • More Pixel Art!
  • More info on the world of Martian Muckraker for GMs to draw in on for their games

If you want to see the deck before you download, click Here.

The new rule book should be out sometime in September with a Stygian Muckraker Expansion sometime in October, prior to All Hallow’s Eve.


Deck Contents_markdown.txt 4 kB
May 31, 2021 34 MB
May 31, 2021
Muckraker_StoryDeck.zipx 34 MB
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May 31, 2021
Muckraker_StoryDeck_reduced.zipx 8 MB
May 31, 2021

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