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The rising of the moon heralds the start of another battle in an endless war. The night is increasingly dangerous in the City of Stonehope. The needy wrestle for the scraps they can find while the ruthless make use of the darkness to satiate their greed. For many citizens, the oppressive policies of the King mean there is not enough to go around. The Resistance formed, largely made of thieves who have now made a common cause with the public who once hated them. To prove the viability of the Resistance, heists of high profile targets have been planned. Success will bring riches. For any thief though, it is a brutal and dangerous life. Your best friends are your sharpened steal, the night and the moon. With these and a small band of trusted allies you confront a harsh and desperate world. The sun has set. The wealthy are sleeping. Only their guards stand between you and glory. There will be blood in the night. . .


  • Stealth-centered heists.
  • Simple but strategic system.
  • Wealth System allows for simplified means of tracking what the party can purchase, without accounting for every coin.  
  • Stat system forces players to make the best of their situation, but the variety of classes, including one that has an ability that improves based on how weak the weakest stat is, gives them a means to accomplish this.
  • Choice of Ancestry increases probability of certain stats being stronger than normal, but does not guarantee it.  Reflects that there is variance within the same ancestry.
  • Thief Subtypes include Assassin, Alchemist, Cursed One, Goblin, Graverobber and Nightwalker.
  • Easily adaptable to fit gameplay preferences
  • Can be played in solitaire, as a group narrative campaign, as a stealth-based dungeon crawl or as a war-game.
  • Different guards and creatures feel different mechanically without large stat-blocks.  
  • 46 pages of content including a sample dungeon crawl.  
  • Rules are Creative Commons Licensed.

    Rules have been tested in solitaire, seeking feedback from other players.  Will be testing with my Martian Society soon.  


    Blood In the Night Stealth RPGv4.pdf 358 kB

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