Dice Dice Dice oh my!

There are now several very different dice systems being considered for Martian Muckraker. There is the version in 3.0, the Dark Maria System, There is the dice system that the one-page version (Tarot short form) uses and there is the dice system used by a index card version which borrows a bit from Trollbabe.

The general thrust of the play tests has been to streamline the dice system and bring the tarot cards to front and center. Next play test is early December but my group will be doing some other Tarot experiments in the meantime. Today we will be playing Microscope with Tarot added. I’m sure this and any other tarot games we play will help move Martian Muckraker forward.

As you can see from my main page I have a lot of games up right now. So here is the clarifications:

  1. Tantalizing Tales with Tarot is intended to be the same system as Martian Muckraker, just genre-agnostic. So in some sense every playtest for Muckraker is a test of TripleT. Once a solid system is set on, Muckraker and Triple T will have longer books.

  2. The Pulse and Pressure games right now are on the back burner and were always intended to be micro-RPGs.

  3. Dark Maria is an attempt to make a detective game that is a bit more traditional RPG (e.g. doesn’t use tarot cards.) As you can see from this page I might make a tarot-less Dark Maria version of Muckraker once the Tarot version is done.


Martian Muckraker_IndexCard_Version.pdf 195 kB
Nov 15, 2020
Martian Muckraker Index Card Form Markdown 1 kB
Nov 15, 2020
Martian Muckraker Index Form Txt 1 kB
Nov 15, 2020
Martian Muckraker Tarot Short Form.md 10 kB
Nov 15, 2020
Martian Muckraker Tarot Short Form Txt 10 kB
Nov 15, 2020

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